Auction & Estate Sales

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Sandpiper Bay Property Owners and authorized agents conditionally have the right to conduct auctions and estate sales.

Rules governing this function are available on Sandpiper Bay website under Rules and Regulations > Yard Sales R&R

Please provide all requested information; send or deliver to Bob Serretti, 7434 Balmore Drive SW, (203) 313 4064

Your request to hold the auction or estate sale is not final until all required permits are obtained, traffic control arranged, neighbors notified, refundable deposit received, and the Board of Directors or their designee notifies you in writing.

Licensed Auctioneers may also choose to reserve the Residence Center to facilitate the event. Should they choose, the Private Event form must also be complete and approved by the Board of Directors or their designee.

IMPORTANT: Damage to any property or residence will result in the loss of all or part of the deposit. Damages above the deposit amount will result in a lien being placed on the resident’s property.

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