Community Watch

Sandpiper Bay Community Watch 

Sandpiper Bay Community Watch is a crime prevention program that enlists the active participation of the residents in cooperation with the Town of Sunset Beach Police Department to maintain the safety and integrity of our neighborhood. Two Community Watch signs have been installed: one at the entrance and one near the Residents’ Center.

The community watch has five zones with a captain assigned to each zone. Listed below are the Zones, Zone Captains, and some of the streets covered by each zone. If any Sandpiper Bay resident sees someone committing a crime, CALL 911. If any resident sees or hears any suspicious activity that may be happening within Sandpiper Bay, notify the appropriate Zone Captain by using the GroupMe app. Don’t be afraid to call your neighbor if you see unusual activity at their home. Remember, we all need to be aware of what is happening around us!

Zones    Zone Captains        Area
Zone 1 – Kelly Clifford         960-821 Sandpiper Bay Dr., Royal Aberdeen Ct., N. Sandpiper Bay Dr.
Zone 2 – Frank Brindzik       Prestwick Dr.
Zone 3 – Jay Tulloch            Balmore Dr., Rosemont Ct.
Zone 4 – Rich Nagle             Dunbar Dr., Troon Ct.
Zone 5 – Don Godden          470-680 Sandpiper Bay Dr., Hermitage Ln.