Frequently Asked Questions

Unable to Log-On

Sandpiper Bay residents have access to all areas of our web page both public and private. If you are a new resident or tenant and would like access to our web page, please fill out the ‘New Resident Login Request’ link that is located in the drop-down under “Address Book” on the main menu. Please provide us with all the necessary information to authorize your access to the web page. Allow 24-48 hours for an administrator to get back to you with a temporary password. Once you have gained access, please go to My Profile and update your personal information.

Forgot My Password

To reset your password click Property Owner Login Here or at the top right corner of the website. Below the blue “LOG IN” button click on “Forgot Password” and follow the instructions.

How to Send an Email?

Just click on ‘Send an E-Mail‘ in the main menu on the upper right side of the page. Follow the directions and submit your e-mail request. A Email Administrator will review your request and send it out to the community.

Email Address

Email is the fastest and most efficient way to inform you about notices regarding the community and upcoming events. It gets the information out sooner and with less expense. Please make sure to update your User Profile to determine which email preferences (Subscriptions) you have. In this way you can eliminate emails that do not pertain to you.

I'm Not Getting Community Emails

Spam blockers are a great invention … unless they are blocking Email Bulletins from Sandpiper Bay! Every Internet provider (ATMC, Xaranda, AOL, 2khiway, Earthlink, etc.) has a spam blocking feature. Be sure to check yours to ensure that you can receive Email Bulletins from the following people:

Harriet Donovan
Pat Olsen
Ellen Engels

Make sure to update your USER PROFILE by clicking on Subscriptions to pick what emails you choose to receive from the community Web Administrators.

Don’t miss any important information.

What Are Email Bulletin Subscriptions?

This feature is designed to help you control the number of emails you receive. Be sure to update your ‘Profile’ to pick your e-mail preferences. Click on the ‘Subscriptions’, and Check the box next to the categories of emails that you are interested in receiving. All Email Bulletins are categorized and you will only receive emails for the categories you have checked.

Don’t miss out on the information and events at Sandpiper Bay.

Return to Subscriptions often to update your list.

Can I Rent the Residents' Center?

The Sandpiper Bay Residents Center may be rented by property owners for private parties. It may not be rented for ‘for-profit’ events.The Board of Directors has authorized an electronic form to simplify rental of the Residents Center by property owners. If you are interested in renting this facility, just Click Here to access the Reservation form.

The initial rental fee for a resident is $100. If the facility is left in good condition, it will be returned to you.

Click here for rules and regulations governing the use of the Resident’s Center.

How Do I Get a Pool Pass?

All residents of Sandpiper Bay have been assigned access cards for use of the pool and Residents’ Center. If you are a new resident of Sandpiper Bay and you were not given pool access cards by the previous owner, please e-mail Dee Mallam with the following information:

Owners’ Name
Lot #
Phone #
Email Address

Dee will be in touch with you to finalize your pool access cards within 24 to 48 hours.  When a Sandpiper Bay house is sold and the transaction is processed in the Brunswick County Tax Record database (Brunsco), the pool key cards will be deactivated. New owners receiving cards from the previous owners will have to contact Dee to update the owner information and reactivate the cards.

If new owners did not receive pool cards from the previous owners, new ones can be purchased for $10 each by contacting Dee. Checks should be made payable to the Sandpiper Bay POA.

New Owners/Renters should request a login from the Main Menu. When they do this, a representative from the Communications Committee will contact them, welcoming them to the community, give them access to the Website and instruct them to contact Dee for key cards reactivation.

If an owner is renting his/her home, the database record will reflect the owner’s name not the renter’s name. The property owner is the ultimate party responsible if any damage is done to POA property, and will be the first point of contact if there is an issue. Please see the guidelines below regarding pool key rights. This new policy will ensure more accurate and effective record keeping. Thanks for your cooperation in keeping Sandpiper Bay Property safe.

The following information is reprinted from the Sandpiper Bay Property Owners Association Guidelines for use of the Residents’ Center:

All owners who rent their homes must choose one of the following:

(a) Allow their renters the right to use the SBPOA facilities and relinquish their right to use of the SBPOA facilities as long as their home is being rented.

(b) Maintain their right to use the SBPOA facilities and not allow their renters the right to use the SBPOA facilities.

This choice must be made in writing, by way of a letter to the Management Company. This letter is to be submitted with a copy of the lease and a list of any Key Cards provided to the Renters.

Questions about this Website

If you have any questions or problems regarding the use of this website, its functions or formats, please contact the Webmaster at 252 258 2960 or mariposa@amarilla@gmail.com, or email the Board of Directors

Does Sandpiper Bay Recycle?

Garbage is picked up at the curb every Wednesday.

Leaf and limb collection is the first and third Monday of every Month.

Sunset Beach Recycling Schedule.

Sandpiper does recycle but if you would like to drop off your recyclables the information follows:

Recycling Drop Off Location

Highway 904 Convenient Site
736 Seaside Road SW
Calabash, NC 28467

Hours of Operation:
8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Recycling items are co-mingled; recyclable items go in one cart and do not need to be separated. All recyclable items must be clean and dry. If your cart is stolen, lost or damaged, a replacement fee of $75 will be charged.

Leaf & Limb Collection Information