Sandpiper Bay Residents Center Reservation Contract Form

Sandpiper Bay Property Owners and authorized Renters have the right to reserve the Residents’ Center.

Please provide all requested information; send or deliver to Hans Engels, or 7479 Balmore Drive

Rules governing the use of the Residents’ Center are available on the SandpiperBay website under "Community Activities Committee".

Your reservation to hold a date on the Sandpiper Bay Events Calendar is not final until you receive notification from the Board of Directors or its designee.

Any scheduling conflicts will be handled on an individual basis and a decision by the Board of Directors will be binding. You will receive a paper copy of this form with an approval signature if there is no scheduling conflict.

Please note that these facilities may not be used for profit-making activities.

IMPORTANT: Damage of any kind will be charged to the individual who reserves the Residents’ Center. Failure to voluntarily reimburse the POA for said damages shall result in alien placed on your property.
Will food be served?
Table clothes and chair covers are available for use, but must be dry-cleaned before being returned. Do you plan on using them?


This is a private party for invited guests only.
  • For residents:the refundable feeis $100, make check payable to SPB HOA. Checks will be held until afterthe event. The check will be returned ifthe Resident’s Centerpassesinspection, following the event.
  • For non-residents:the non-refundablefee is $150, make checks payable to SPB HOA.
The swimming pool, Library, and Fitness Center are not included in the rental of the Residents’ Center and are available to community residents for the duration ofthe private party.

Coffee and paper products at the Residents’ Center may not be used for private functions. You will be expected to provide your own food, dishes, and utensils.

Residents’ Center furniture may be moved to accommodate a private function but may not be moved into the Fitness Center or in such a way as to block entrance or exit from the Residents’ Center.
Do you wish to be present?